The Midgard Saga

The land is rife with struggle. The faceless beings that dwell outside the world tree’s light are hungry. The frost giants are close to breaching the great north wall. The swamps of Vhess crawl with unusual creatures, and the dead do not rest in their graves. Something is stirring in the far south, and shapes have been seen in the sky above the dragonpeaks for the first time in years. 
 All of this is woven by the Norn, slaving away to make the fate of all those who dwell in midgard. Of course, unless something were to go wrong…

A few notes about the game
The Midgard Saga is an episodic game set in a homebrew Dungeons & Dragons 5E fantasy world. The world is reminiscent of Viking era Scandinavia, with a liberal amount of changes made to fit to the game. Please bear that in mind when writing backstories, and deciding on names, etc. particularly if playing a human, or anyone raised by humans/in a human society, whose culture will most closely match the Viking/Scandinavian culture.

The Midgard Saga.