The Midgard Saga.

Chapter 3: the trouble in Vhess Recap

Oscar, Ara Goldeneyes Aesa and Tyr Gungnir went into the humid swamps together. There they met the Strongspear tribe of orcs, who begged their assistance in sending to rest some of the local spirits. The group returned triumphant, only to find that the orc tribe had been wiped out, by one of the many black dragons that had made its home in the swamp. It was then that Aesa completed a task that she had been given, by what she believed to be a celestial being. (in truth, it was one of the devils, that she had unwittingly contacted when Tyr defaced a prayer book to try and trick aesa into contacting Devils). After fighting a black dragon, that had been corrupting the swamp, she opened the flask it had been guarding, releasing the pit fiend that lay bound inside. At first she was able to keep this from her allies, and yet when they questioned her she was honest, And summoned the fiend Zagokeimuhn to confer with her allies.

Immediately Try began trying to construct a magic circle around the Devil, despite not having the full knowledge of its creation, nor the required spell slots to cast one. The Devil warned that it would not be willingly bound, and should Tyr continue this course of action, he would tear off the cleric’s head. Tyr was unswayed, and thought that he could best the Devil in a contest of strength, but was sorely mistaken. Before the devil could strike a final blow, Aesa stepped in, offering up in exchange her own soul, should the devil spare Tyr’s life. The deal was struck.

Several days later, and after encountering servants of the goddess freyr on the road, intent on punishing the cleric Tyr for defacing holy prayers with Devilish rites, the party arrive at the lone village in the center of Vhess, which serves as a meeting place for many of the tribes, and a place of residence for the tribeless shamans who serve the land. They defended this place from attack by the undead, and asked the shamans how to fix the corruption of the swamp, and rising dead, once and for all. The shamans informed them of the pure spring. A place where all water on the plane must flow from, and a gift from Asguard. To get there, the party would have to fight their way far into the swamp, recover an ancient artefact of spirit sight, and step into the demiplane between worlds. The party completed the challenges, and received the artifact, the soul of the swamp, a stone of immense power. Using this, they set out to cleanse the purespring. At this point, Tyr had left the group, in shame over what he had done, adn to study magic in the hope of rescuing aesas soul. He was replaced by Ulfr, an orcish barbarian who did whatever the shamans bid of him.

The knowledge that the village was being threatened was too much for Aesa to sit idly by and do nothing, and she resolved to defend the village while the party resolved the spring. She stayed behind, and Makweo Joined the group temporarily

Unfortunately, this was no easy task for them. Along their way, after fighting against the many dangers of the swamp, a scout of the Lizardfolk brought them message. Their allies were in danger! Hyrrna, a paladin of vengance they had spoken two inside the town, and Mhurren Strongspear, an orcish barbarian, were both opponents of the Undying ember. Hyrnna fought against Vaerdi, a human warrior of immense skill, who was working to undermine the powers of the swamp to further the aims of the undying ember. Mhurren had tracked down a demon, and sought to rid the world of its corruption, but it proved too much of a challenge. There, the party split, with Ara and Makweo going after Vaerdi, And Oscar and Ulfr going after the demon. Makweo and Ara arrived to find Hyrrna bleeding, and the Psionic Knight vaerdi taunting her. As he prepared for the killing blow, they attacked. Unfortunately, their attack was in vain. He was much to strong for the party to defeat, at leas not while they were halved, and Ara and Makweo were lucky to escape with their lives. He left them a note, taunting them, and claiming to own the soul of Makweo’s shaman mentor. They resolved to follow him to Bjornitoft, and prevent his plans there.

Ulfr and Oscar were unable to save mhurren, and the half orc died, though they managed to defeat the demon. Returning to the village (without Makweo) they reunited with aesa, and pressed on to the purespring.

The trials that lead to the spring, lead to the death of Aesa. But with the god’s grace, she was ressurected. The party were then tasked with convincing the gods themselves to lend aid to them. With this done, and the spring restored, the party discussed their next move, and resolved to go to the dragonpeaks. However before that, they decided to journey further into the swamp and find more information on the origin of Vaerdi, The man in the black armour.

(to be coontinued…)

Chapter 2: The journey south, a recap
In which the village of Gerithorp is cleansed

With their new travelling companions, the group set about going south to fix the issues with Vhess. The new individuals introduced themselves to be Tyr of Vastithorp and Aesa of the wall.

The journey was frought with peril, and it wasn’t long before the adventurers found themselves lost in the large forest along the pathway. There they met Brian, a local fisherman from the town of Gerithrop. he explained that there was some trouble with bandits, and that they’d be most grateful if the adventurers could deal with this. Ara followed him into the woods, and heard him arguing with a figure, and the party assumed this was one of the aforementioned bandits. Little did they know, that the figure was actually a member of the Undying Ember, a cult of fanatical Death worshipers, who claimed to serve the Goddess Hel. For some reason, they were unable to enter Gerithorp.

The group traveled with Brian the fisherman into Gerithorp, and not a moment too soon, for no sooner was the village in sight than a savage storm broke, drenching the local area. Taking refuge in the tavern, the party retired to their beds. Their sleep however, was disturbed by a hauntingly beautiful song, and several of the townsfolk, and even a few of the party, were walking into the ocean, to drown themselves in the waves.

Investigation into this phenomenon revealed it was something that the townsfolk knew about, and was linked to the protections around the village, and the good fortune it enjoyed. Unwilling to let the town sacrifice travellers and innocent souls, the party split, leaving Aesa to defend the beach, and Oscar and Tyr to climb to the abandoned temple of Aegir and Ran, the gods of the sea, to find out more on what was going on.

Aesa defended the townsfolk valiantly, and saved nearly everyone, barring only a small girl. As the girl was dragged into the waves, Aesa flung herself after, giving no heed to her own life. Meanwhile, Oscar and tyr had found that the temple was not so ruined and abandoned as originally thought, and underneath the ruins was a thriving complex, full of devoted followers of Ran, norse goddess of the drowned. They fought their way through the temple, to find an altar room, and beyond it a huge cavern, inhabited by a malevolent abberation, created by Ran to be the villages protector. Before the beast was Aesa, the most recent victim of the sea, and the group joined battle to save their friend.

With the beast dead, and the villages protections ended, the group looted the offerings to the sea god, forever earning the enmity of Ran. At this point Rikkon Zhul arrived at the tavern, claiming to be researching into the old temple. He had a conversation with Ara and Tyr, inviting them to learn more of the Undying Ember, and join its members. The group, with his help, interrogated one of the remaining faithful of Ran, ending their interrogation when Tyr offered Rikkon the Soul of the worshipper as payment.

This resolved, the group packed their belongings, and continued south, entering the humid rotten air of the swamps of Vhess.

Chapter 1: a recap
In which friends are betrayed

Our story began with Oscar the drunk, Asmund the priest, Bjorg the storyteller, and Ara the curious half elf.
Gnari notified them of some disturbances around the farms on the north edge of the village. The party went to investigate, and hiding in the crops they found three orcs. The orcs were dispatched swiftly, and the party followed their tracks to a cave.
Despite an initial dissonance in communication, the orcs finally managed to explain to the party their fear of the cave, and the party entered, only to find pale, corpse-like creatures feasting on the dead remains of an orc. They killed the creatures, and the orcs promised to not attack the village again, now that their foes were dead.
The party returned home, and informed Gnari of this, and he then sent them to the docks, where sailors had been reporting missing persons. They said that anyone who sailed into the floating lights in the evening vanished, and never returned. They also mentioned that a ship came from the ocean with no one on it, no sign of a struggle, and devoid of any supplies.
Setting sail on that particular ship, the party waited in the ocean for the lights. The lights turned out to be snake-like humanoids who tried to drown them, but they defeated them. One such creature escaped, and the party followed it in the direction it had fled in, finding an island.
Upon arriving on the island, they took a look around and found a woman swimming in a small body of water. She, too, tried to drown the party, and they defeated her, swiftly. As she died, the world around them changed, and instead of looking like the lush island they’d set foot on, it looked decayed and rotten – as did the woman.
There was a tower on the island, and the party tried to find a way up it, but instead, they found a small corridor containing sacs of green goo. Cutting the sacs open, revealed were the half-decayed bodies of two sailors. They were long dead, and there was nothing else to be found, so the party left to sleep on the ship. When they awoke, the island was gone, and they sailed home to inform the sailors. Ara thought the island was likely linked to the fey.
They told Gnari, who once again sent them out. This time, he sent them north to the village of Hariklif – a town mostly inhabited by halflings, although it was home to a fair few humans. He explained that Hariklif had asked for supplies as they did not have enough to last them the winter. He sent the party on a cart of supplies to the village.
When the party arrived, Prondi – the town’s leader – told them of a sudden crop failure. The crops had been growing one day, and had ceased to grow the next, and had not grown since. The party suspected a blight, Oscar sensing necrotic energy, and Bjørg having heard of such occurences in stories about mythical creatures.
While most of the party investigated some standing stones to the north of the town, they eventually made their way to a crypt. In the crypt was a door sealed from their side, but there was definitely someone inside. Prying away the wood, they discovered a wizard – named Rikkon Zuhl – inside, fighting a ghost who begged for help.
The party aided the wizard, and not the ghost, and the ghost was put to rest. Rikkon explained that someone had likely locked the woman in the crypt, and left her to starve to death. Her horrific death would have then caused her to rise up from her grave and blight the crops so that everyone else would also starve.
The party buried her, and enjoyed a night at the inn, where Rikkon spoke at length with Ara about the joys of magic and wizardry, and invited her to seek him out should she wish to learn more. He also spoke of troubles with giants in the north – at the wall, and troubles with undead in the south – in the swamps of Vhess.
Having succeeded in their task of delivering the supplies, and having ended the blight, the group set off for Vastithorp again. Along the road, they encountered bandits who were being attacked by more of the pale, corpse-like creatures, similar to the ones they’d fought in the orc cave.
They cleaned up the battle, and inspected a large stone head of a demon that decorated a hill along the path. It hadn’t been there on the way to Hariklif, and the route they had taken on the route back had definitely been the one they’d taken on the way there.
Oscar climbed the head, and saw smoke in the distance, coming from Vastithorp, so the party hurried back. Along the way, they ran into orcs who said that the village had come to attack them, so they’d attacked the village. Knocking the orcs out, the party made it back to Vastithorp, where they went to rescue some people from burning buildings. Bjørg went to find Gnari and was arrested on sight.
The rest of the group were eventually apprehended, except for Oscar who ran for the orcs he’d left tied up and unconscious. He roused them, and informed them that the village would come looking for them, and told them to run. The leader of the orc group told Oscar that an old man matching Gnari’s description had come to the cave, attacking his people and provoking a fight.
The guardsman from the village caught up with him shortly thereafter, and escorted him back to the town hall.
In the morning, they were each put on trial. They were informed that the people who’d gone missing in the ocean had returned, and that the orcs had attacked when the party was conveniently out of the village. They were accused of making deals with sea witches, and of conspiring with orcs to attack the village when they were safely out of harms way.
Bjørg lied through her teeth, saying that Asmund was the one who’d made the deal with the sea witch, and that when he’d nearly died upon the ocean, he had promised the sea witch he’d bring about the doom of the village in exchange for her saving his life. She lied that she’d been aware of all this, and that she’d gone along with it because he’d threatened to kill her family if she didn’t, but she explained that Ara and Oscar had been unaware of anything, and that they’d only thought they were helping.
As a result of her lie, Asmund was sentenced to death, and send out into the ocean upon a boat. Bjørg was exiled forever, and Ara and Oscar were each exiled for three years and one day. As they made to leave for the south to deal with the undead issue in the southern swamps of Vhess. Bjørg explained that she would not be going with them, and explained how she’d managed to get the three of them off the hook. She took her leave for the north, and Ara and Oscar left for the south.
Along the road, they encountered someone trying to heal a creature travelling with some orcs, but a communication barrier was standing in the way of it. Oscar translated, and the creature was healed. The orcs explained that they were all that were left of the tribe that had attacked Vastithorp, and Ara and Oscar pointed them in the direction of a safe place to live for a while.
The orcs extended the hospitality of their camp to Oscar, Ara, and the healer, who introduced themself as Æsa.

An introduction (pre chapter 1)
The story so far

The story so far.

The party consists of a group that have grown up together. Their home is the small fishing village of Vastithorp. The group are close friends, having been almost inseparable as the years go on. When the group members came of age, and were chosen for their professions, they met after days of work, and still enjoyed exploring the countryside around Vastithorp.

Famed hero Gnari has been seen pacing the village, and muttering of dark times to come.
A rumour is spreading that he is searching for some souls brave enough to help him prepare for the coming troubles…

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