The Midgard Saga.

Chapter 2: The journey south, a recap

In which the village of Gerithorp is cleansed

With their new travelling companions, the group set about going south to fix the issues with Vhess. The new individuals introduced themselves to be Tyr of Vastithorp and Aesa of the wall.

The journey was frought with peril, and it wasn’t long before the adventurers found themselves lost in the large forest along the pathway. There they met Brian, a local fisherman from the town of Gerithrop. he explained that there was some trouble with bandits, and that they’d be most grateful if the adventurers could deal with this. Ara followed him into the woods, and heard him arguing with a figure, and the party assumed this was one of the aforementioned bandits. Little did they know, that the figure was actually a member of the Undying Ember, a cult of fanatical Death worshipers, who claimed to serve the Goddess Hel. For some reason, they were unable to enter Gerithorp.

The group traveled with Brian the fisherman into Gerithorp, and not a moment too soon, for no sooner was the village in sight than a savage storm broke, drenching the local area. Taking refuge in the tavern, the party retired to their beds. Their sleep however, was disturbed by a hauntingly beautiful song, and several of the townsfolk, and even a few of the party, were walking into the ocean, to drown themselves in the waves.

Investigation into this phenomenon revealed it was something that the townsfolk knew about, and was linked to the protections around the village, and the good fortune it enjoyed. Unwilling to let the town sacrifice travellers and innocent souls, the party split, leaving Aesa to defend the beach, and Oscar and Tyr to climb to the abandoned temple of Aegir and Ran, the gods of the sea, to find out more on what was going on.

Aesa defended the townsfolk valiantly, and saved nearly everyone, barring only a small girl. As the girl was dragged into the waves, Aesa flung herself after, giving no heed to her own life. Meanwhile, Oscar and tyr had found that the temple was not so ruined and abandoned as originally thought, and underneath the ruins was a thriving complex, full of devoted followers of Ran, norse goddess of the drowned. They fought their way through the temple, to find an altar room, and beyond it a huge cavern, inhabited by a malevolent abberation, created by Ran to be the villages protector. Before the beast was Aesa, the most recent victim of the sea, and the group joined battle to save their friend.

With the beast dead, and the villages protections ended, the group looted the offerings to the sea god, forever earning the enmity of Ran. At this point Rikkon Zhul arrived at the tavern, claiming to be researching into the old temple. He had a conversation with Ara and Tyr, inviting them to learn more of the Undying Ember, and join its members. The group, with his help, interrogated one of the remaining faithful of Ran, ending their interrogation when Tyr offered Rikkon the Soul of the worshipper as payment.

This resolved, the group packed their belongings, and continued south, entering the humid rotten air of the swamps of Vhess.



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